About Us

Network of Nuclear Engineering and Energy Services (NNEES) represents a global partnership of highly qualified experts in the area of the nuclear safety and energy use and applications. Its mission is to support a broad range of institutes including the regulatory authorities, nuclear and energy industrial facilities, design, engineering and research organizations and universities and cooperate with them in various scientific and technical projects including the design, construction and engineering services, consultancy, independent review and assessment, education and training and knowledge management.

In more specific detail the NNEES focuses its efforts on the following aspects:

  • Safety assessment of the nuclear facilities and installations
  • Computer code simulations of nuclear facilities and installations in transients and accidents conditions
  • Verification and validation of computer codes and computer code models
  • Education and training including the guidance and review of master and PhD thesis
  • Drafting, preparation and independent review of the licensing documentation including the regulations and guides

For more than a decade several periodical and ad-hoc training are organized by NNEES. If you are interested in participation, contact us. Regular trainings organized by NNEES in collaboration with NINE are structured in multi-level training program which includes:


Nuclear Reactor Simulation Hands on Training

NRSHOT is a set of parallel seminars providing a practical training on System Thermal-Hydraulic, Neutron Kinetics and Reactor Physics, ... Radiological Consequences, Severe Accidents and PSA computer codes. Seminar is organized once a year, typically in spring.


Models and Methods for Advanced Reactor Safety Analysis

MMARS is a seminar and training on ten different topics covering deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment.


Seminar on Uncertainty and Best Estimate Analysis Methods

SUNBEAM is a seminar and training providing a transfer of experience and know-how from recognized experts ... in the fields of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty methods, Scaling Analysis, System Thermal-Hydraulic calculations including 3D Neutron Kinetics Coupling techniques.


Nuclear Power Plant Walkdown Workshop and Hands-On Inspector Training

Nuclear Power Plant Walkdown Workshop and Hands-On Inspector Training is a seminar focusing on ... familiarization with the fundamentals of plant walk-downs and obtaining the practical skills and methods to perform the plant inspection. Seminar is organized in close collaboration with IAEA twice a year, typically in May and September and takes place at IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria and Zwentendorf NPP, Austria. Due to covid-19 pandemic this seminar is currently cancelled and new dates are expected in 2022.


Forum and Network of System Thermal-Hydraulic codes in Nuclear Reactor Safety established in 2010, brings together computer codes developers for discussing envisaged improvements in system thermal hydraulics, promoting cooperation aimed at the code improvements and their application in licensing process and safety analysis.

FONESYS members meet regularly once a year.

Members of FONESYS are (in alphabetical order):

  • CEA, France
  • CNL, Canada
  • EDF, France
  • Framatome, France
  • GRS, Germany
  • University of Pisa, Italy
  • KAERI, Korea
  • SPIC Central Research Institute, China
  • VVT, Finland

NNEES serves as a FONESYS secretariat taking care of legal and organizational aspects of the forum.